Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jack's first day of PreSchool 2011 & a Tooth!

Tuesday was Jack's first day of preschool! He was really excited, he loves school and playing with his friends. I was nervous because he was moved up to an older class(not with his friends from last year), but I think it will be good for him.

Yea, for Jack's OWN backpack! This poor thing has been using Barrett's old backpacks, HA!! He was really excited to see his own. He kept saying "that my pack pack"! So cute!!

I think that Jack and Ryan look so much alike right here.

Walking into school he had to carry everything by himself. Such a big boy.

In the classroom ready for the day, I was a little surprised he wasn't upset when I left. Being the first day, new classroom, new teacher & new friends. He was great!

He had a great day & frankly so did I! I spent a great deal of time in Hobby Lobby and Target. I'm not gonna lie, it was so nice to have a day to myself again. As much as I love the blessing of being a SAHM, a free day here and there is sooooo nice!

We went to pick Barrett up from school and when he came out to get in the car I saw him smile at me. I could see he had lost his other front tooth! We are officially "toothless"! HA!!!

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