Monday, September 12, 2011

Football Friday

Friday was Football Friday! We loaded up the motorhome with some friends and headed to Hallsville to watch our Eagles play! After a fun ride and some yummy mexican food we made it to the game.

Sweet Kinley and Jack! Jack had a blast at the game, he LOVES the band music! He gets up and dances and he cheers and screams, so funny!!

Karah and Barrett, these two are best buds!! Karah was so sweet to him, she was sitting with her friends, but Barrett wanted her to sit by him, so she came and sat the rest of the game with him. Sweet girl!

The Eagles played a great game and we WON!! We are 3-0!! YAY Eagles!! The game must have tired these kiddos out, they all passed out on the ride home. Love Friday night football!!
Fun times with great friends!!

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