Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dove Hunt 2011

On Friday Ryan and Barrett headed out on the annual Dove hunt. Jack was in tears that he couldn't go, Ryan offered to take him but I said, ummm NO!! Barrett was so pumped up about this trip, I told him he could go on one condition, that he aced his sight word test. When I picked him up early on Friday I asked how his test went and he said, got every one right, now when am I leaving!?!

Here is my sweet little hunter, he looks to big!! I can't handle it, ha!!

My baby's first bird!! Now this is not a dove it's a Sol bird, I think, but none the less he killed it!! He did kill a dove shortly after this, but no picture of it, Ugh MEN!!!!
Here is the whole crew! With one days kill, they had a great dinner that night with some yummy doves!!

Loving it!! He was in his element!

Barrett is obsessed with turkey feathers and he found a ton!! He loves to collect them?? Who knows. Anyhoo, he brought home a bunch for himself and a few for Jack!

I was cracking up over this picture, who knows what he was doing laying in the field, but Ryan said it looks like someone yelled "bird" and he hit the deck! HAHA!!
It was another fun trip for the boys! Oh, I can just imagine the stories that Barrett will tell today at school!!!

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