Friday, September 2, 2011

Cousin Visit

On Thursday Mary Michael, Millie and Christie came for a visit! We met them in Tyler for lunch, look at these little cuties!!

After lunch Christie and I headed over to my friend Leslie's for a Matilda Jane show. I LOVE all their clothes, it's mostly for little girls, but they do have some women's clothes also. I got some cute stuff, can't wait for it to come in!

The kiddos had a blast playing outside all afternoon! They drove around in trucks, and the boys terrorized Mims more than a few times!! It was an interesting night, ha! Jack kept getting up and trying to get in the bed with Mims & poor Millie had to sleep in her swing.

All the kids were up bright and early on Friday. Barrett had to hold Millie just one last time! He was so sad he had to go to school while the girls were here, it's tough being a first grader!

Jack and Mims headed back outside to play in their p.j.'s and boots! Love these two!! Wish the visit could have lasted longer!!

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