Monday, March 7, 2011

Stephen Fite Fieldtrip

Last Tuesday, Barrett had a field trip for a Stephen Fite concert. Ashley and I met the kiddos at the Caldwell Auditorium. The concert was just about what I expected it would be, but I enjoyed spending the day with my sweet boy!!

We were at the back! There were tons of kiddos, it was LOUD and CRAZY!!! It was a GROOVY themed learning adventure.

After the concert we signed the boys out and took them to lunch at Chick Fil A. They wanted ice cream for dessert so we headed to our fav, Orange Leaf!! We happened to run into our friend Beth and her daughter there. The kiddos had a blast playing together there, and the yogurt was delish!!!

Abram and B!!! Yes these crazy boys were on top of my car!! We were waiting to pick up the little boys and they climbed out the sunroof!! With boys, it's never dull!!

After we had all the boys we headed over to my friend Leslie's for a Matilda Jane trunk show! Matilda Jane is a girls clothing company that has a cult following, HA!! Now, I'm sure you are wondering why us boy Moms were going to a girls clothing show?? Well they have fabulous Mommy clothes too!! I got some precious things!! My boys had a blast playing with Leslie and Ashley's boys, Jack was covered in mud!!! It was a great day!!!

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