Monday, March 7, 2011

Canton Friday

On Friday my Mom and Christie were here for a visit!! We were meeting Leeanne in Canton for a girls shopping trip. I had asked Ryan to bring me something to drive because we were going to have a few other people with us, and with all the carseats we wouldn't fit in my ride. My hilarious husband sent this ........

Yes, that is a 15 passenger van!! Bahaaa!!! I think he thought we were doing some serious shopping!! My other riders didn't end up going so we had a BIG ride all to ourselves!!

These two enjoyed the ride on the bus!! HA!!

We were strolling around Canton and I looked up and saw Caroline!! I screamed at her and probably scared her to death!! HA!! I told her who I was, a twitter/blog friend and she was so sweet!! Her and her Mom are just precious!!! I love meeting blog and twitter friends in real life, so fun!!

Christie and Leeanne were looking for baby bedding for the new bundles of joy!! I found the PERFECT bunk beds for the boys room at Rough Creek!! This is a picture of a picture, and it will be a twin over full. I think it will be just perfect!!!

Mims and Jack decided to forgo the strollers and ride in SuSu's canton cart!!

We all had lunch at the famous "Dairy Palace", it was YUM as always!!! We didn't come close to filling the van up, but it was a very fun day!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I was at Canton on Friday too AND I saw Caroline, but wasn't brave enough to say anything! I am so glad you got a picture with her. How fun!