Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our First night at Rough Creek

This past Saturday night, we spent our first night at Rough Creek!! The boys were SO excited!! It is not complete yet, but they couldn't wait any longer!! We still have to finish the cabinets in the kitchen & the stone on the fireplace. My parents cabin is complete, and they stayed the night also.

Here are my boys watching a movie before bed!! They have never slept in the same bed, but they did great!!

Here is our room...we still have to hang pics and decorate, but we are almost there!!
It was a great first night for everyone!! The boys were up bright and early, ready to play!!

Barrett has started driving the ranger by himself!! I was watching him thinking, " how has this happened?" He is growing up WAY to fast!!

We enjoyed a beautiful SUNday! We all got a little to much sun, ha!!

It was a great weekend with the family!! I know it is just the beginning of many wonderful weekends at Rough Creek!!

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