Monday, March 7, 2011

Floors at Rough Creek

Last Sunday we drove down to Rough Creek to see the finished floors!! It is so exciting that we are getting so close to RC being completed!!!!! We even moved the first piece of furniture in, our bed!! HA!! I find it fitting seeing how my wonderful husband has worked SO hard on the place!!

The fire place is ready to be put in!! It is HUGE!!

Our bed is in!! I can't believe we will be able to sleep there soon!!

The boys had a blast as usual and were covered in RED clay!!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love those floors and I cannot wait to see the finished fireplace! The antler chandelier is awesome too!

  2. Looks SO GooD!!! I can't wait to see it and spend some time out there with y'all! ;) Won't be long... YaY!!!