Sunday, March 27, 2011

God is SO Great!!

This week has been busy, scary and ended being great, thanks to answered prayers from our awesome God!!

This past Thursday I had a checkup with my Dr. for my annual exam. He was very pleased with my weight loss, I will do another post on that soon, just not ready yet! Ha!! Anyhow, he was concerned about a mass or lump he found on my right breast {sorry if this is TMI}!! He immediately asked me about my family history and if there was breast cancer, yes. So he told me that I would need to go have a mammogram and diagnostic testing. I was kind of in shock, I was thinking I am 31, is this really happening?!? My grandmother was in her 40's when she was diagnosed. So the appointment was scheduled for Friday. I immediately called my Mom and asked her to come up to help me with Jack while I went to the appointment, she graciously drove straight here!

I admit, I really wasn't that nervous at first; I just talked to God and gave it all to him. A calm washed over me and it's like I knew everything was going to be fine, but then I would think maybe I'm being to optimistic? My family did a great job of comforting me & letting me know what ever happened we would get through it!! My main concern was naturally, my sweet boys; they need me, they are so young! I just banished those thoughts from my head and vowed to think only postitive thoughts!! So bright and early Friday morning, my Mom, Jack and I headed to the Dr's office. When we arrived they told me, your Mom & Son might want to leave and pick you up later, it could take a while. Fear set in just a little. I went in and had the mammogram, then waited while the Radiologist read it. They then called me back for an ultrasound which made me extra nervous because the must have seen something, Right?? Thankfully, PTL the doctor came in looked and told me he saw nothing to worry about!!! Oh sweet relief!!! God is so Great!! I know that there are so many people struggling with cancer at this very moment and I can't imagine the struggle they face daily. Life is so fragile and precious, this little scare has really brought that to the forefront of my thoughts. Thanks to everyone who was praying for me, prayers were answered!!

After the Doctor we picked Barrett up from school and headed down to Lufkin for a visit!
The boys were so excited to get out on the golf course, and most of all see Christie & Mary Michael!!

This little man hadn't played in a while but he hit some great drives!!! Friday started out with worry, but ended up being a truly great day!!!

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  1. I'm glad everything worked out well, Kelly. That must have been so scary for you.