Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rainy Playoffs

Tonight was our first District Playoff game, Go Eagles!! Ryan was hunting, and the thought of me taking the boys by the rain..well it wasn't looking good! My sweet Barrett talked me into it, "mom, we would just be sitting at home!" So I gave in and the whole drive to Whitehouse it was POURING!!! I was hopeful; the radar showed that after it passed it looked fairly clear. We stopped to eat in Tyler and let the rain pass.

Contrary to the pic, Barrett did NOT have a margarita! HA!!

We then headed to the game. The rain had slowed, but it didn't last long.

My cute little men in their rain gear!! It rained off and on throughout the first half. It was pretty hard to keep a squirmy 2 year old dry! So we left at the end of the half, we were up 22 -0!!!

On the drive home Barrett informed me that he needed to "focus" on writing the number 2, because it was hard for him. HA!! He is growing up way to fast!! It was an fun night with the boys! Barrett thanked me for taking him so many times which made it ALL worth it!! Lindale won 49 - something!!! Yea Eagles!!!

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