Monday, November 29, 2010

Dr. Visit and LCH

This morning it was SO hard to get the boys up!! Barrett was very tired from a night of Christmas light decorating!! Poor Jack has just been feeling bad for the past few days. It was slap back to reality after the holiday weekend!!

After we dropped B off at school Jack and I headed to Tyler in the pouring rain...ugh!!!

I just knew he had an ear infection, even though he wasn't acting like he felt that bad. Not that you EVER want your child to feel bad; but it never fails when the doctor comes in, he gets a second win and ALL symptoms disappear!! HA!!

Love this face..."mom, really? I don't feel good!"

Poor little man did have an ear infection, hopefully now he can start to feel better!!

Jack and I then headed to Target to finish up shopping for the family of boys we adopted for Lindale Christmas Helpers. It's getting close to turn in time for the bags. The boys had so much fun getting the other boys gifts all ready!!

Here they are ready to take the boys gifts to turn in.

We tried to help wrap this afternoon too, that didn't go over to well. Jack was cruising around on the kids bikes and Barrett had sharpies and scissors. Need I say more!?!?

I love that the boys are learning it is so much better to give than receive!!

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