Saturday, November 13, 2010

Barrett's Bday with SuSu

SuSu came up today to spend the day with Barrett for his 6th Bday,which was last Monday!!

I realize that I haven't posted about his actual birthday or Jack's for that matter! bad mommy!!

I will get to those someday soon...I hope! We let Barrett choose where he wanted to eat and he chose the dreaded "Chuckie Cheese"! Oh how I loathe that place!! Being that it was his birthdayI gave in.

This morning while getting ready I was playing with his hair and brushed it over more than normal. I was laughing and said "oh B you look like Justin Beiber!" he had no clue what I was talking about, but agreed to pose for a pic.

We headed to "Chunky Cheese" for some fun! Oh My the place was packed!!

Mims and Jack had a blast on the rides and Barrett was obsessed with getting tickets!! Nothing like spending $50 on tokens to get a $5 prize at the end!! HA!!

This child is SO different from Barrett!! When Barrett was little, who am I kidding, even now; he like to stay pretty close to me. Jack does not care, he wandered all over the place! Scares me to death!

Leeanne came to join us and give B his gift, so sweet of her! She got B a tent which he loves and is sleeping in tonight, or so he says!!

Here is the belated bday boy with his gift from SuSu and Big B!

He had a fun day and looks like it will be a fun night ahead!!

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