Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Passport DRAMA

Monday was passport DRAMA day!!  Ryan and I will soon be taking a vacay to Mexico and I just recently thought...hey, I should probably check our passports out!  I had mine renewed a couple of years ago so I knew mine was fine...I thought Ryan's would be good as well.  I made Ryan get them from the safe and wouldn't ya know  HIS WAS EXPIRED!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Panic set in...we were almost 2 weeks away from travel so I didn't really want to mail it in and wait for them mail it back...they claim it could be done in 2 weeks...but I was to scared we wouldn't have it back in time.  So, I did what any logical person would do....I consulted with people on facebook, HA!!  As luck would have it everyone told me to go to the passport office in Dallas or Houston and it was simple and easy, two words that never are associated with passports (in my opinion).  I had to wait until we were exactly 2 weeks away from travel (that meant waking up at 12:01am to make an appointment with the passport agency for Monday morning) but I got the appointment confirmation for Monday morning at 9:00.  Early Monday morning I woke up 3 sleepy boys and we headed to Dallas to get this thing DONE!!!  We arrived at the federal building very early and were seen right away to my surprise.  It really was quick and simple...they told us it would be ready around 3 o'clock that day if we wanted to pick it up or they could overnight it to us.  We just had them mail it back to us to avoid another trip downtown.  

Since we arrived in Dallas so early we had some time to kill before lunch...because when in Dallas YOU MUST eat lunch (for us at least)!  What better place to kill time with 2 little boys than Bass Pro, of course.  
After what seemed like FOREVER in Bass Pro, we came out with a boat load of hunting supplies and I got all new camo.  Yes, you forget about buying new camo clothes after weight loss....or I did at least.  Maybe cause I like to spend money on REAL clothes not camo clothes...but a hunting girl does need those too!  We had a yummy lunch and then decided to head home.  They boys were just a little tired from waking up at the break of dawn, and they both slept all the way home!
When we arrived home it was like they were completely recharged!!  They were wild animals...they seriously DESTROYED my house in like 10 minutes!!  Here are just a few examples........
Yes...that is crystal light EVERYWHERE....even the dog's water bowl?!?
Jack was dressed for the house take down complete with helmet, chaps, vest and spurs.....REALLY??
In the end it all turned out fine.....we are now in possession of 2 GOOD passports....and if these kids keep up this behavior we may never come home!!! HA!! Only kidding I love these little monsters, but a grown up vacation is very much needed!!!!
Just so everyone knows from our mistake... if you find yourself in need of a passport super fast, this is the only way to go!  It was fairly painless and super quick!! VIVA MEXICO!!!!

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  1. Hope you have fun on your trip to Mexico! Hubs and I have been to Dallas twice in the last two months and it's my new favorite weekend getaway!

    Love your rug, too! Did you get that from Ballard Designs?