Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beach trip with the Sacreys

July 26-29 we had a fun beach weekend with the Sacrey Family....Mark, Chelsey, Braden and Logan joined us for some fun in the sun!!  We left Thursday and our first stop was Lufkin for a yummy lunch at Del Rio with some Lufkin friends.  It was fun to show Chelsey around my hometown :)  My boys are REALLY into alligators shows right now...I though it would be fun to stop at a gator park that happened to be on the way to the beach in Beaumont.  The park is called "Gator Country" it was actually featured on a show on CMT a few years ago.  Here are all the boys ready for the gators!!
My BRAVE boy holding an alligator......
Braden holding the gator...way to go boys!
I love this picture...I wanted him to hold the snake and he really wasn't into it, so I told him he would get a treat if he did and what do ya know........
Hungry gators looking for food......
Umm....really who lets their kid stick their head through a hole in the gator pen....OH, Me.  Whoops!!  No children were harmed or eaten while having their picture taken.  HA!!
The boys LOVED the gator park....we were a tougher sale.  If you want my real opinion it was hot and over priced!! But hey....check that one off the list, been there done that! Next stop.....the BEACH!!!!

Chelsey and I....soaking up some sun!!

Buddies!!! B and Braden!
My boys and their ideas...this was a boogie board train.....
Jack in the box err, sand. 

Four little monkey in the tub!!

Mark loves to fish and the boys couldn't wait for him to show them how to fish in the ocean!  The only problem was the fish weren't really biting this weekend....but that didn't stop Barrett from trying!

Handsome boys at dinner at the Stingaree!

Hot mamas...literally! We were sitting in the blazing SUN!!!
Fisherboys :)
We had a great time with the Sacreys! I wish it could have been for longer!!  Come back anytime guys!!

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  1. Woooh, he never get afraid with those animals. I would try it one day to experience it:) I find travel agents for my vacation trip this holiday.