Sunday, August 12, 2012

VBS week

The week of July 16 - 20 Barrett went to VBS.  It was his first time to go and he LOVED it!!  He had so much fun and I was so glad he went!  

Ryan and I decided to FINALLY go see "Bernie" and we were rolling!! It was SO funny!!! Anna kept the boys for us while we went and my very convincing boys talked her into getting down this baby bounce house...which they haven't used in years! HA!! 
Since the bouncer was so small and they were WAY to big for it...they kept falling out into the grass.....Barrett must have been allergic to something in the grass because when I got him up for VBS the next morning THIS is what I found!!!!!!!
HA!! Poor little puffy face!  He came to sit down at the bar for breakfast and when I got a good look at him I couldn't help but laugh!! Bless his heart!!!

The boys were super excited that Daddy's mountain lion finally arrived from Colorado.  We they have been waiting on it for a while and they wasted no time hanging this trophy up on the wall!!
This week was also very eventful for me....this would be another reason I have been so TERRIBLE about the blog lately.  Since the end of June and into July I have been having ALOT of trouble eating.  I wasn't to concerned since I have the Lap-Band this has become pretty common to me.  But the two weeks we spent a the beach it really became evident that something might be wrong.  I wasn't able to eat at ALL for a good 2 weeks...on the plus side I lost some more weight.  But I was blacking out and very weak and tired. I finally saw a few Dr's and had some tests and come to find out, my band has slipped and that is the reason for my troubles.  We removed all the fluid out and opened up the band to try to let it reverse itself, but unfortunately that didn't work.  So.....we will see what will come of this. I have another Dr's appointment on August 14th.  I'm just praying I don't need surgery AGAIN, but we shall see.


  1. Kelly, I'll be praying you feel better soon! That is scary stuff!

  2. Oh gosh! Hoping all your health issues get worked out! Thinking about you! :)