Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rough Creek weekend...again

Friday was a BIG day for us.....we closed on our new land!!!  We recently purchased 26 acres here in Lindale and will soon be building our new home....we couldn't be more excited!! 

Friday night my boys and I had dinner in Tyler and then went to Rough Creek our "home away from home".  I swear my children think that if its the weekend that you have to be going somewhere or doing something...they are just not content to stay home and relax, I wonder who they get that from...RYAN?!?  In all honesty I am so grateful that we have placed to take them and things to do...its just funny to me, because all I want to is relax at home....but that RARELY happens!  Life with my boys is NEVER dull and it involves a lot of MUD and dirty clothes!!

We had some work to do at RC...it is almost that time of year...hunting season, so we had to refill all the feeders.  It was A LOT of corn....it was hard work and let me just say I was NOT feeling guilty for not walking Saturday morning because I got a workout after all!
WHOOPS...we busted a bag!

Jackers driving the tractor for Daddy.....
Ryan working hard filling up all the feeders.......
Every time we are at RC Barrett loves to go hunting at night for little critters... well this time he got one!  His first rabbit!!  He was so excited and we were so proud of him!  
It was a memorable weekend with my boys...I can't believe this summer is almost gone!!  God is so GOOD and I am blessed beyond measure!!

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