Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Splash Kingdom with friends

Last Thursday we planned a Splash Kingdom day with friends.  We had planned to go and spent all day having fun...but as plans often go awry....Loft like ONE of THE only decent stores in Tyler happened to be having their "friends and family" sale.  This was just something I couldn't miss...yes it went on through the weekend, but I didn't want to wait until it was all picked over!  So...I called Chelsey and told her we would meet them there ASAP...after my shopping was finished :)  I will say that having to take the boys with me shopping was not ideal, but things really seemed to go down the tubes when only 5 minutes into the ride Barrett is yelling that Jack is unbuckled and twisted in the seat belt.  UGH!!!!

I pulled over into a church parking lot...the Lord new I needed support for this one....and discovered this.......
OK, I know it doesn't look bad but lemme tell ya,  it was my friends!!  My child had completely twisted himself in the seat belt and it then locked into place because all the slack was out and he was LEGIT, stuck!!!!  I was in a panic....I worked for a long while to no avail and I thought about cutting the thing!!!  I was literally freaking out....its was like 100 degrees....I'm sweating.....and getting ANGRY!!!!  I did the only logical thing and called my husband to gripe him out, as if it's his fault HIS CHILD is stuck in the seat belt and people are driving by a crazy woman in a Jeep having a meltdown!!!!  My wonderful, calm husband talked me through it and I finally got him out of this seat belt, it was scary....the thing was really tight and beginning to hurt him.  WOW!  Good start to the day.

Anyhoo...the shopping was a success.  Although, I may have issued a bribe for cookies and even threatened the boys in a scary voice through gritted teeth, but we all made it out alive! 

Next stop Splash Kingdom!  The boys were excited to see Braden, Kam and Logan!!  
We had a great time and the weather was great! It was the first time I took Jack on the BIG slides and he LOVED them!!!!  After a full day of sun we decided to end the day with blizzards at DQ.   Chelsey introduced me to the most delicious blizzard I have ever had tasted or ever heard of.  Chelsey ordered a cappuccino heath blizzard....it was Amazing!!  I wish I had never tasted it and so does my butt!!!  Fun day with great friends!!

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