Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dallas trip

On Monday August 23, Ryan and I had a Pentastar Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep meeting in Dallas.  Our dealership was being honored for being inducted into the Pentastar Club and we were happy to have a child-free night in Dallas!  We spent the day shopping and had lunch at one of our FAVS....PF Chang's.  We had a great day shopping, I can't remember the last time Ryan actually shopped for himself {besides for hunting stuff}....he got some cute things.  

We had the awards ceremony and dinner at our hotel and then went up for dessert and cocktails in the Reunion Tower.  This was the view from up in the ball....I had never actually been up into the tower and it was really pretty seeing Dallas from up high.  
While we were having a great day in Dallas...Anna and the boys had some fun at a local wildlife refuge called Tiger Creek.
My boys enjoying the tigers!
I think they really liked the tigers....Jack was acting like a tiger for weeks...RAWR!!!  It was a great night away with my love!!

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