Monday, November 9, 2009

Opening Weekend 2009

It's that time of year again. For our family it has been that time of year again for awhile now.

HUNTING season, but this past weekend was the opening weekend for gun season. It's just is a little more fun because everyone comes down to the deer lease and begins the season. This past weekend was also Barrett's 5th birthday. I really can't beleive that I have a 5 year old.....CRAZY!!!

We had a great time in North Texas. My mother in law AKA Nana, graciously came down with us so that I could hunt. She kept the kiddos and cooked for us, it was so nice. It was Jack's first trip to North Texas, first of many I'm sure.

No one killed any deer...really. We did have a crazy experience though. Saturday morning Kolby, my brother in law dropped Ryan and I off at our stands. He was going to sit on on of our other stands since he wasn't hunting. He called me on the radio as soon as he got to the stand. He told me that there were bobcats all over the place and then he said "Oh wait there are two deer here locked up!" This was so crazy I have heard of this happening but never, ever seen it. Two buck had apparently been fighting and got themselves or antlers locked up. It is really so sad. One of the deer was already dead and Kolby shot the other one, because there is nothing else to do in that situation. They were both 10 point bucks. Just the circle of life, the battle of the fittest. Sorry if this picture offends anyone, but it is what it is....nature.

Here are the bucks after the guys finally pryed them apart, which was no easy task. There is no way the deer could have gotten free on their own.

Saturday night we celebrated Barrett's birthday with a "rainbow cake" that I made. This cake was not hard to make, but it was a very, very long process. I found the recipe from MckMama's blog.

We had such a fun weekend. Barrett will be story telling for days. Some of the B-Doodleism highlights were....

- "Mom, there is a jack rabbit pop him!" Barrett wanting me to kill a jack rabbit.
- "Look at all those turk-a-lurks!" Refering to all the turkeys.
- "Mom these bucks are dead cause they were fighting over a girl???" Asking why the deer were fighting.

I'm sure Barrett's teacher just loves it when he comes back from the deer lease, because he is more talkative than normal. LOL!!! be the only woman in the family, just wonderful.

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