Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Soccer game of the Season.....Thankfully!!

Go Falcons Go!! Go Eagles Go!! There are alot of birds of prey going on in this post.

Barrett had his last soccer game of the season today...THANKFULLY!! Not that I don't enjoy getting up and out of the house early on Saturday mornings. Barrett had a hard time with soccer this year. My little man is so shy, and this contact sport was new to him. Luckily the Coaches were very patient with him and he is coming around.

Today at this last game was the first time he really enjoyed playing. I had to make him go to all the others. It's so funny at home playing with other children I am always telling Barrett to share and be kind. Then on the soccer field I find myself yelling "kick it, get the ball, STEAL it!!" How is this right???? Oh well it's all in good fun HUH???

The Falcons pulled out a win today. Barrett played so well and came soooo close to a goal!! I am so proud of him. Maybe next season it won't be like pulling teeth.

Friday night we headed to Van to watch the District Champion Lindale Eagles play in the playoff game. The eagles didn't win but we had a great time!!

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