Thursday, November 5, 2009

Barrett's School Birthday

Today at school Barrett celebrated his birthday. He was so excited saying "I'm five today!" No buddy, this is not your real birthday. This is just a party at school since your actually birthday is on Sunday. This was somehow very confusing, never the less he celebrated anyway!!!

He wanted a pirate themed cake, and since this wasn't his real party I thought a "store" bought cake would been fine. When ordering the cake I mentioned the pirate theme and the lady said we have two, Pirates of the Caribbean or Peter Pan. Since the kids are young I thought they would prefer the Peter Pan version. Upon inspection of the cake today, Barrett informed me "this is not a real pirate cake. Real pirates have peg legs and these pirate don't." Well buddy, you got me there.

The kids liked the cake anyway. They enjoyed their favors the most. I gave each one of them a foam sword. It was mass chaos, kids were whacking each other and screaming. Luckily, Barrett's teacher was so sweet and didn't mind. Now hopefully the children's parents won't mind either!!

Shi' Shi' and Mary Micheal came to join in on the festivities today at school. The babies enjoyed the icing on the cake. I couldn't find Jack for this picture he was hiding under tables exploring.

This weekend we will be heading to North Texas for Opening weekend of Deer Season. I am planning on making a Rainbow Cake for Barrett. If any of you read Mck Mama/My Charming Kids blog, you realize what I am talking about. It is a six layered rainbow cake, pictures will follow from my attempts at this endeavor.

For dinner tonight I am still obsessing over The Pioneer Woman's new cookbook and decided to make Potato, Bacon and Leek Pizza. Even the crust is homemade and that is new to me, I usually use the premade.

Here it is, looking beautiful about to go into the oven.....

Mmmmm. Looks good right?......

WRONG! I don't know what I did, the crust was soggy and the potatoes were not even cooked. Oh, well. I might try it again. It is really hard to cook with children hanging on your legs.

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