Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Texans Tournament

Last Saturday the Texans were invited to play in a machine pitch tournament in Hawkins. It was a short notice and some of our team had conflicts and couldn't play. We asked a few friends from other teams to join us so we would have a full we were a hodge podge from Lindale...but ready to play.

Ready for the big day!! Daddy and his boys!!

Cool dude in his shades...
Go big or go home right.....we decided since it was an all day thing we would be prepared.

We played a team from Gladewater first....and let me just say when I first saw them I was ready to check birth certificates, HA!! These boys were BIG, a lot bigger than us!! Our first game was not our best. We were hitting okay...I think the fact that this was the first time this particular group of boys had played together didn't help either. We did our best, but we lost our first game.

We took a break and grilled some hotdogs and had a fun lunch under the tent.
The boys had a blast playing around in the dirt.... and playing ball on an empty field in between games.
Some of our great Moms.....
And Anna...who corrals Jack during the games!!
Our boys ready for game 2......
The second game we played much better!! The boys were all hitting awesome and we were making some great plays on the field. The only problem was that the umpire had it OUT for us!! Even people from other teams, not with us were heckling him for his ABSURD was pitiful!! Our boys got behind by like 5 runs or so and we came BACK with some great hits!! In the end bad calls were our nemesis and we ended up losing that game to. BUT.....our boys played so great...we were SO proud!!

B-man on deck....

After the tournament was over we found out that the 1st and 2nd place winners of the whole tournament were the two teams that we played first!! So in the big scheme of things....we played even better than we thought we did!!!

A special thanks to Miles, Jake, Ryan and Josh who were Texans for the day... You boys played great and can join us anytime!!

It was another FUN day of baseball!!!

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