Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Texans Season Opener

On March 29th the Texans had our season opener. This is Barrett's first year in machine pitch. It has been quite and adjustment for our young team. Most of our players are all 1st graders and haven't played machine pitch, some haven't played at ALL. We have been practicing hard and ready or not we had our first game!

Warming Up!
Jack, waiting patiently for his "turn"...unfortunately for him, it wouldn't come.

B-man playing the pitchers mound...He did so great! He caught a pop up hit and got the OUT!!!
Waiting for his first at bat.....

Ready to GO!! Barrett hit great and got a HOME RUN!!!! Way to go B!!!!!!
Good game boys!
Jack just had to run and give the good game high fives!!

Overall the team didn't have our best game. I think nerves and getting use to the pitching machine will take time and practice. We played our best and had a great time....that's what matters!! It was definitely a learning experience and we didn't win...but that's the game sometimes! And there are ALWAYS more game to be played!!

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