Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter weekend in Lufkin

We spent a fun filled Easter weekend in Lufkin. We drove the traveling home on wheels....which was nice because I was able to watch the Masters while being chauffeured there. We had a very busy couple of days planned.

Saturday morning....I attended a baby shower for my dear friend Katie. I can't wait to meet her sweet baby girl, and it was so fun to see all the girls. While I was at the shower the boys hung out at Nana's house playing baseball and working in the yard. boys consider yard HA! Jack never fails to keep it interesting....while I was getting ready for the shower, Ryan had the boys take the dogs out for a walk. Of course, Jack had something else in mind. Next thing we know the boys are at the door soaking wet...and Barrett said Jack just jumped in the pool...but I saved him!! WHATTTT?!? I mean seriously....never a dull moment!! I am SO thankful that Barrett was there to help Jack out of the pool...the child thinks he can do anything!! CRAZY!!!

Out next event of the day was our sweet Mary Michael's 3rd Birthday party!!!
She LOVES her boys...and they LOVE her!!!

Aunt Bee and my sweet girls!!

Christie had so many fun activities for the kiddos to do....they painted eggs and dyed eggs and pretty much made a big mess!! HA!!
Christie did a great job with the party. Everything looked so cute! I forgot to take a pic of the cake....but it was so precious!!

We had a great time celebrating Mim's bday and watching the Masters...of course!! It was a perfect celebration for our little princess!!

On Saturday night Nana, Kolby and PawPaw kept the boys while Ryan and I celebrated at another bday party. My Uncle Jim had his 60th birthday bash!! Julie and Kathy did a great job with his was a perfect night outside. I somehow didn't take a single picture, but it was a great time!

We woke up Sunday for a beautiful Easter day to celebrate to that our Lord is Risen!! The boys were SO excited to see that the Easter bunny did in fact find them in the motor home!

They had some crazy bedheads!!

I had made the comment that I needed one of these local political signs....and look what I walked out to find......Love it, Thanks Kolby!
While I was cooking some of our Easter dinner... Jack was being unusually quiet...I found him "on the phone". I asked him who he was talking to, on the sleep number remote...looking for votes I guess.
My precious little bunnies!!
Cousins!! As you can see they were REALLY loving all the pics!

We FINALLY got a few decent family pictures.....

After lunch it was time for the Egg Hunt!! I think out of the 200 some odd eggs...the kids found all but 9. Not to shabby!
Golden Egg!!
Jack decided to take another swim...this time supervised...with his float on!
This is really random...but I discovered or rather tried deviled eggs for the first time, and WOW I wish I hadn't. I am OBsessed!! We had a wonderful day visiting with family and watching the Masters. Congrats Bubba!! What a great Easter weekend!

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