Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PB&J teacher appreciation lunch

Last week at Barrett's school was Teacher Appreciation Week. Each day the parents have a theme and do a little something for the teachers. I was in charge of PJ&J day (professional business jeans) Day. The teachers LOVE getting to wear jeans so our fabulous principal came up with PB&J day. We also serve the teacher a lunch of all thing PB&J! I asked my friend Leslie to help decorate and set up the lounge. I think it turned out super cute!! We also had parents send all kinds of jellies, peanut butters, nutella and marshmallow cream.

We decided to dress up our tables to make it more fun for the teachers! How cute!

One of our fabulous parents, Cynthia made these delicious PB&J cupcakes and cookies! The staff always looks forward to her treats!

Leslie and I had a great time with the teachers. We then snuck off to have lunch with our sweet boys!!
We are so grateful for all our wonderful teachers and staff!! We are so blessed to be on such a great campus. Thank you teachers for all you do!!

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