Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend at the Lease

On Wednesday we loaded up early to head to North Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday!  Another weekend at the deer lease....just what I was dreaming of. Just kidding, maybe.....

No, really I enjoy it.  Minus the fact that I don't have Internet or any kind of civilization for MILES!!  But really though...I love seeing my boys in their element, and just look at these beautiful open skies!

My little hunters up bright and early ready to go!!
Or maybe not....Jack decided he was a little tired and took a little nap while I hunted.
These two come up with some crazy their imaginations.  This is them hunting in a tree. 
Barrett and I had a ton of hogs come to our he loves this because he love to shoot things. As terrible as that sounds, hogs are a nuisance animal and we do try to get rid of them.  So, Barrett was glad to see them come out.  It was funny because we didn't take his gun that night I only took my guns, he asked if he could shoot my gun.  I said it may kick a bit more that your, but you will be fine. He shot and was knocked back quite a bit!  He said, MOM...that thing has fire shooting out of the end! I'm done with that! HA!!!  He still wanted to kill some so when they came back out I shot a couple. 

On Thursday I didn't hunt...I had to get our Thanksgiving feast prepared.  Let me say that cooking in trailers is not oven and a small little stove will make you get creative!  We pulled it together and had a great lunch!!  After lunch the boys wanted to fish.......

We had such fun!  Jack threw his line out and caught his first fish!!!  Yea Jack!!

I even got in on the action.....

My treasure hunter found all of these turtle shells....I swear this child will "collect" anything!

On Friday Jeff and Cole joined us for the weekend.....Cole killed this awesome 12pt!!!

Way to go Cole!!!

I didn't do the best job with pictures this busy enjoying myself I guess!  We had a great Thanksgiving and we have SO much to be grateful for!!!  Tons of great memories made....We are so blessed!!!

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