Thursday, December 6, 2012

Teacher Tailgate & Football Game

On Friday November 9th we had a "tailgating lunch" for the teacher at Barrett's school.  My friend Amanda, came up with this great idea for a tailgating lunch for the teacher's for the last football game.  Since we already help with the tailgating events for the actual football games....I thought let's just use the trailer rig that Ryan has set up!  The day was perfect for it, beautiful warm weather great for a fun day outside.  

Amy, one of our very talented parents made these precious football cookies.....

Amanda made these precious individual banana puddings for the staff......

We set the tent up for the teacher to eat under.......

The trailer worked perfect we set it up like a serving buffet.

Some more of our GREAT parents donated this cute blue and white popcorn treats!

My sweet husband who was gracious enough to help us and got everything set up!

Jesse THE football tailgate man, came to cook for our wonderful staff!!  Thanks Jesse!

Leslie, Amanda and I......the tailgating girls. 

Here are some of our fabulous teacher enjoying their fun lunch!

After the tailgating event was our last football game of the season.  We were playing the Nacogdoches Dragons who coincidentally were our old rivals from Lufkin when I was in high school.  

It was a special night for us...the Athletic Booster Association was honoring Ryan and the dealerships for all the support we give to the football team.  We were taken to the center of the field and given a plaque of appreciation.  

We LOVE being able to support our community and the schools!  We are very thankful for the award and recognition, it is our pleasure!  I just love our community and how everyone is so close knit and involved.  We are truly blessed!  

I will say that being on the field really brought back some good memories....I was reliving my drill team days and I almost busted out into the Panther Pride strut!! HA!!! Give me my sequined purple hat and I'm ready!!

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