Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Barrett's 8th Birthday!

On November 8th, we celebrated Barrett's 8th Birthday!!  How do I have an 8 year old....HA!!
We started his day with birthday cinnamon rolls........

Blowing out his candles, err candle, err votive.....just keeping it real!!

Jack and I went to have lunch with Barrett at his school..........

and then we celebrated outside on the playground with his class!  I think the kids liked the cookie cake, I got a lot of "your the best mom ever" comments.  

Barrett's birthday fell during the week and we had a hunting weekend planned for the weekend....{Barrett told me he WOULD not miss hunting} so we had his party on his actual bday at Double Dave's Pizza.  

Very enthused;) can you tell......
The boys had a ball playing the arcade games....they may or may not have BROKE me with the quarters. Sheesh!!!

 It was a fun night with some very crazy little boys! Story of my life!  Happy Birthday Barrett!! We love you to pieces and are SO very proud of the young man you have become!!  

Barrett at 8

- You are 4' 1.5" tall and weigh 51 pounds

- You LOVE hunting and baseball.

- You are quite the ladies man {well...they like you, but you don't seem to care} 

- You are ALWAYS working on something!  Digging, raking, etc!!!

- You have had a great school year so far. Principal's 100 club, and tons of compliments from teachers. YEA!!

You continue to make us SO proud to be your parents!!  We love YOU!!!!

On a side note....your real present came while we were hunting, you killed an awesome 8pt deer. Fitting for my 8year old boy!!  

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