Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First week of June

Okay so this is a WEEK of postings, I can't even remember exactly what we did, HA!! I don't know if it is harder to blog during the school year or summer, but from the looks of things here it's summer! Just BUSY, BUSY..... I love it though!! So this will be like the week of June 6th for those that care and my scatter brain!!

Both boys had swimming lessons this week, here are my little fishes ready to learn!! My friend Katherine taught the lessons and the boys just loved her!

Jack's lesson was early and then we would break for lunch & then went back for Barrett's. Lots of running and no nap time for Jack made things less than ideal, but Jack did really well. I did have to get in the water with him, which I was less than thrilled about, HA!! On the first day Jack about gave me a heart attack. He loves to get on the side of the pool and jump in, so after the first class she let them have free time. Jack said he wanted to JUMP, so I put him out on the side and he jumped a few times. I set him on the side again and he proceeded to run to the deep end and climb on the diving board!! So I am swimming to the deep end, yelling at him to STOP, he is laughing and ignoring me!! I finally get him to come to the side and he jumps right in, so I am treading water, holding him, MAD & tired! HA!!! OH ME, that boy keeps me on my toes!!

Jack and I waiting for Barrett to finish his lesson.

Ashley & her boys had lessons with us, so one day she took Barrett and the boys to lunch at McDonald's while I had Jack's lesson. Such sweet boys!!
One day, (they are all running together) we took the boys to Splash Kingdom after lessons and they had a ball!!!!

I love this little daredevil, he wanted to do EVERYTHING the big boys did!!!

Jack and Asher!!

BIG NEWS!!! Barrett spent his first night away from home!!! After Splash Kingdom, Abram asked B to stay the night. Barrett told me he wanted to, and would stay the whole night! I agreed to let him try, thinking I would be getting a call to pick him up about midnight. WELL, no call!! He did it, I was so proud of him!! They had such fun eating junk food, playing on the water side and staying up late!!
Barrett, Abram & Asher!

Another night Ryan had to run to Sam's, so we all went to Tyler and then to Outback for a yummy dinner. We hadn't been to Outback in ages, it was really good, and I loved spending time with all my boys!!

Friday was our last day of swimming lessons and Barrett's "show off day". Jack and I loved watching Barrett do all his strokes and trying to dive off the diving board. They learned so much, I am proud of both of the boys!!

It was a BUSY, fun week!!! Love summer time!

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  1. looks like summer is off to great start now pleas share your weight loss story with us!!!